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  • Big 4 Human Resources has been a reliable partner in key recruitment assignments for top and middle management positions, as well as for rare specialists. We trustfully recommend their dedicated, resourceful and professionally experienced team.

    Ramona Chivescu, Human Resources Director Relad & City Pharma

  • We have partnered with Big 4 Human Resources in 2010, for a top management recruitment assignment. Although our company has specific requests, their team has rapidly and completely understood the exact profile and competences we were looking for. I have been most impressed by the time-effective manner they employ. We appreciated the intense effort of the team, as well as their understanding and professional attitude. We are confident that we will receive exactly the same prompt and qualitative services each and every time we will work together.

    Catalina Ilie-Birsu, HR Director Romania - Colliers International

  • We have met Cristina during our excellent collaboration for executive search assignments for top and middle management positions: she is a trustful, serious, receptive and effective partner, an honest and sincere communicator who delivered high quality services.

    Amelia Dinu, General Manager BBraun Medical Romania

  • We have chosen Big 4 Human Resources as our trusted partner for a major human resources program dedicated to performance and assessment management: they have created and implemented a tailored program which matched our organization's particularities and have brought valuable ideas and concepts translated into easily applicable tools.Furthermore, we have continued our partnership with Big 4 Human Resources, collaborating on integrated training programs such as „Management Academy" and „Sales Academy", which targeted management positions and assisted us in developing essential competencies for the sales team.We appreciate their interest in and understanding of our business context, their attention to our organizational needs, the high standards of their consultancy work and the constant follow up on the implemented programs.

    Barta Vilmos, Director Executiv Nexxon

  • We have been collaborating with Big 4 Human Resources since 2012, mostly on executive search and recruitment assignments. We have repeatedly called on their headhunting expertise for management positions, as well as for niched specialists and the results have recommended them as long-term partners of our organization.We warmly recommend Big 4 Human Resources' team: we appreciate their professionalism, dedication and promptness, as well as for understanding the particular requests of our recruitment needs.

    Oana Radulescu, HR Manager - Alstom Infrastructure Romania

  • We trustfully recommend Big 4 Human Resources, as we have collaborated on executive search assignments on both management and specialized positions.They have developed effectively customized search strategies, which were created and implemented to correspond to our organization's real and specific needs, whilst paying a special attention to promptness, open communication and genuine added value.

    Viorica Tilinca, Business Unit Manager Egis Romania

  • Big 4 Human Resources was our partner in developing assessment programs for the management level, as well as in creating and implementing organization cultural change programs. They have provided us customized practical tools we have applied in the entire organization, with a positive impact on employee performance. Their programs and the tools they have provided developed lateral thinking and created managerial abilities which led to a productivity boost in the employees who participated in the program, and promoted and developed organizational change. For me, our collaboration means structure, involvement, strategy and warmth.We have also partnered with Big 4HR for tailored training programs which were built to correspond to our specific needs, not only through their content and the applied learning methods, but also through adjusting the delivered concepts to our particularities. The general feedback of the participants was exceptional. Congratulations!

    Mihaela Lefter, HR Manager/ Head of HR Academy Department, DB Schenker

  • For the team buildings implemented together with Big 4 Human Resources, not only that they created specific concepts, customized to address our particular needs, but they also provided excellent service while planning, organizing, sourcing venues and facilitating team cohesion and building. Their resourcefulness, organization skills and dedication to the project have been the major factors in the team building's success. Furthermore, their programs have always been enjoyable and received excellent feedback from participants.

    Florin Balcan, Consumer Risk Head – Citibank Europe

First and foremost, we thank all our clients for the special partnership we have built together whilst creating, developing and implementing exceptional projects in fields such as:

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